Kelly Brooke Pottery
512 West Ray Ave, High Point, NC
All of my pottery can be ordered in any of my 4 colors with dragonflies or flowers on the surface. Please call me if you have any trouble placing an order through my website, if you have any questions, or special requests! I look forward to hearing from you  :)

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Large Dragonfly House Color
Large Dragonfly House Shape

Dragonfly Mug Color
Dragonfly Mug Shape

Flower Mug Color
Flower Mug Shape

Cream Pitcher Color
Cream Pitcher Design

Sugar Dish Color
Sugar Dish Design

Sugar& Creamer Set Color
Sugar & Creamer Set Design

Honey Pot Color
Honey Pot Design

Tea Pot Color
Tea Pot Design

Tea Cup Color
Tea CupDesign

Soy Dish Color
Soy Dish Design

Water Pitcher Color
Water Pitcher Design

Brie Baker Color
Brie Baker Design

Small Vase Color
Small Vase Design

Medium Vase Color
Medium Vase Design

Large Vase Color
Large Vase Design

Small Cap Jar
Small Cap Jar

Ovular Lidded Jar Color
Ovular Lidded Jar Design

Small Dragonfly House Color
Small Dragonfly House Shape

Dragonfly Soup Bowl Color
Dragonfly Soup Bowl Shape

Flower Soup Bowl Color
Flower Soup Bowl Shape

Veggie Bowl Color
Veggie Bowl Design

Salad Bowl Color
Salad Bowl Design

Nested Bowls Color
Nested Bowls Design

Chip & Dip Plate Color
Chip & Dip Plate Design

Dinner Plate Color
Dinner Plate Design
Dinner Plate Shape

Salad Plate Color
Salad Plate Design
Salad Plate Shape

Serving Platter Color
Serving Platter Design
Serving Platter Shape

Butter Dome Color
Butter Dome Design

Cheese Dome Color
Cheese Dome Design

Oval Server Color
Oval Server Design

Oval Olive Dish Color
Oval Olive Dish Design

Brie Baker Color
Brie Baker Design

Ring Holder / Jewelry Dish Color
Ring Holder / Jewelry Dish Design